*** No scheduled holidays during the month of November! ***

JCC passes

The JCC has begun administering access passes for the OSM swimmers in order to improve the security and efficiency upon entering the building. They are charging a one-time $10 setup fee. We ask those who have not yet received their pass to ask the JCC front desk before/after their next practice. A kind reminder that these passes are to be used for access for OSM practices and not for other use of the community center (gym, weights etc.)

Swim Meets

Swim meets are a great way to have fun, stay fit and motivated, and gauge your improvement. It is worth all the stress and pressure from performance anxiety! There are several opportunities for meets this year; the first one up is our very own OSM charity meet.  I hope everyone will participate in the Willy Lee Meet, which was Tom’s way of encouraging everyone to jump in the pool, get over nerves and have fun.

Save the date: Willy Lee Meet Saturday November 17, 2018 12-3:30pm

MSO (Masters Swimming Ontario)

This year OSM is a registered club with MSO (Masters Swimming Ontario), which means the Willy Lee is a sanctioned MSO meet.  Every swimmer must be registered with MSO in order to swim at the Willy Lee meet. The fee is $10/swimmer. 

Here is the MSO registration link:   


and choose Ottawa Swim Masters as your current club. This fee is a one-time annual fee to register with MSO. Send us an email if there are registration/signup issues. 

Please register asap!!

In order to be entered into the WL meet, you must now enter your events through  MSO – 


Willy Lee Volunteers/ Meet sign-up sheet

A fabulous crew of volunteers are working in the background. If you would like to help with the meet, there will be a call out for:

Prize donations – for the prize table as well (gift cards, trinkets etc) and for the Silent Auction (larger ticket items)

Baked goods – the best swim meets are ones with fabulous food!

Here is the annual signup sheet for your events:


Please fill in by November 11.

Meet music requests! 

Fill in up to the night before the meet!



The website is now up and running again. The new one is being developed but for now the old one has been updated with current dates/info.


Marie and your Ottawa Swim Masters (OSM) crew of coaches