A quick update to remind everyone it’s the last week to register for the Willy Lee meet. The intent of getting you to sign up to swim is to push you past your comfort zone! It’s a lot of fun and guaranteed to have you hooked. 

To date there are only 19 OSM swimmers entered to swim in the meet, with 44 swimmers in total. To have a fun, engaging event, we need more swimmers to sign up…our aim is to have over 100 swimmers in total. Calling all swimmers to sign up (we need more swimmers than food and prizes)!!

Be sure to sign up by Thursday!! To recap, the WL meet is:
Saturday November 16Brewer pool12:00-3:30pm(Wup 12- 12:45 – meet starts 12:50-3:45pm)

Sign-Up n Link


Marie and all your coaches