Hoping this note finds you well and full of New Year resolutions. It’s a great time to revisit goals and strive to reach in places that challenge you.
At the pool, each practice is designed to make you work, and  your fabulous OSM coaches will direct you to places that challenge you.  You have to do 2 things:

  • Show up!
  • Do the work!

Always remember there is never a swim that you will regret. I encourage each one of you to make 3 practices/week in January. (Our extra Saturday practice will start at the end of January, then you will have 4 practices you can make.)

You will enjoy great fitness, feel physically better and feel happy. You have coaches that love to be there and a great set of lanemates who are there for you!

There are 4 practices this week; wed evening, Thur am, noon pm and both Sunday am. I will be back poolside Sunday at CU!

Enjoy the Holiday. Have an OSM 2019!