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Marie’s Update October 11, 2019

Willy Lee Masters Meet

I encourage, invite and cajole all of you to sign up for the Willy Lee meet Saturday November 16th. It’s a quick turn around meet (starts at noon – finishes up about 3:45pm). Its for charity, so you are swimming for a good cause. Its fun and a great way to dive into competing (some for the first time) or challenging yourself to a new event! If you aren’t keen to swim, please sign up to bake and/or help out the day of the meet. We need your involvement! 
I will send out a separate email with the signup sheet and point of contacts (for donating prizes, baking, event sign-up)It is our MAIN event – so please jump in and participate! In the meantime, attached is the meet package. Please let me know if you have any questions.


We are starting to settle into a routine at practice (the hardest part is getting to practice!). If you are in need of a practice switch, a kind reminder to let me know in advance. There should be no attendance surprises on the pool deck for coaches!

Practice cancellations for the next 2 weeks

We’re coming up to the end of the pool closures! Here’s a snapshot of the next 2 weeks. Practices are ON this weekend, so if you are in town, come out and join us! For those of you who’ll be out of town – safe travels and enjoy your weekend!


Marie and all your coaches

Marie’s Update Sep 30, 2019

First Week

A great first week back in the pool! It was great to see many faces back at all the practices. If you missed practice, plan to come out this week (Wednesday onwards!)…A polite reminder that Mon/Tue practices are cancelled this week due to the Holidays! Please be sure to check the schedule below.

Saturday and Sunday mornings:

Please meet at the side door of the JCC (beside the school/playground at the back) at 6:50am. Practice finishes up at 8am – but if you’d like extra drill/skills we have a few extra minutes. It would be great to have all swimmers finished up/dressed by 8:30am. We can exit by the front doors. Sundays meet up at the side door by 6:35am;  again – you can leave by the front doors after practice.

Carleton University Pool 

Making headlines in Ottawa these past few weeks is the need for newer/better pool facilities in Ottawa. Carleton University (separate from the City) is also in need of an upgrade. I have been approached to write a letter of support; if you would like to write an assenting letter, I can forward you the contact info. The more the merrier! Letters must be sent in by October 15th.

Willy Lee Meet

There will be a meeting coming up for the organizers of the Willy Lee Meet (Sat Nov 16) – if you are interested in helping out in any capacity, please contact me. I am hoping you are planning out your events – some familiar and some that would challenge you. If you haven’t raced in awhile its the perfect place and time to do it!


Marie and all your coaches

Ottawa Swim Masters (OSM) 

OSM 2019-20 Season Start

Season Kick-off:

Hoping all of you are ready to suit up and make as splash as our season starts in just over a week!We begin our OSM Masters season Monday September 23 at 5:30am practice! Check the calendar (end of this message) to note the JCC closure dates due to the Jewish holidays. OSM coaches are keen and ready to go – a big welcome for new-to-OSM coach Olivia (Wed/Thurs evenings) and welcome back to Julia (CU Sundays and Thur mornings) and to returning coaches! We are lucky to have such a dedicated crew.

Good Habits

As with every new season, there will be new faces and familiar faces in your lane. Be patient especially in the first few weeks when your lanes get sorted. Please plan to arrive at least 5 minutes early so your coach/lane mates can get organized (if you happen to come in late, jump into practice where your mates are – keep the lanes flowing and disruption to a minimum). Always remember the hardest part of your workout is getting to the pool! Keep yourself motivated and positive with your lane mates! Consider challenging yourself this year… to your first race, your first 200FL, your first 200IM etc. Its amazing what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it. My goal is to swim 3x/week!  

JCC Passes/Privileges

Each of you will require a photo pass to enter the building. The front desk is expecting you to drop by and renew/obtain a pass if you are not a member. Please approach the front desk and let them know swim with OSM. A polite reminder that facility perks and privileges are for JCC members only (hot tub, sauna, gym etc).

Reserve these dates:

*Majorca sign-up/deposit deadline: November 1st

*Willy Lee Annual Fun Meet: Saturday November 16th
It will be another fabulous year of swimming! Welcome aboard!

OSM Schedule for Fall 2019

OSM Summer Swimming

Yesterday morning concluded another fabulous summer outside with OSM.

Thanks for your smiles, dedication and love of the water. 

See you next summer!


4K Riverkeeper trial swim on August 2nd

If you are interested in participating in the Riverkeeper 4K trial swim it will take place on Friday, August 2 at 9:00 AM. The swim starts at the Lac Deschenes Sailing Club and goes to the Aylmer Marina. Swimmers will be escorted by a boat.

You must contact Katie Shafley at to reserve one of the two remaining spots on the boat.

This is not an OSM organized event.

Ottawa Riverkeeper update

Have you registered yet for the Ottawa Riverkeeper swim?

Next to Bring on the Bay it’s probably the next biggest open water swim event held in the Ottawa area. And, it’s a great fundraiser for the Riverkeeper initiative that works hard toward making the mighty Ottawa River a swimmable, drinkable and fishable body of water.

I went out last Saturday morning for a quick dip with some old water polo friends to check out the conditions and I am happy to report that they are ideal.

Water levels are still high. Saying that, the entry off the black floating docks at Lac Deschenes Sailing Club is shallow. It’s around 4 feet deep. The bottom is sandy with a few rocks – but nothing major. The ever-important temperature is 76 degrees – very comfortable.

Since we did not have a boat to bring us back from Quebec we decided to swim to the middle of the Ottawa River and then back to Ontario. We were escorted by my friend Paul on his SUP and he was equipped with a GPS device that allowed us to find the middle with ease and plan out a 4K route.

For those of you frightened of foliage, it was at a minimum on the Ontario side. I can’t report on the Quebec side, but historically speaking it’s usually nasty around the boat channel some 400m from shore.

What was interesting was the effect of the currents. We decided to swim 500m hard alternating with 500m steady. On a couple of occasions our 500m times for the steady section were faster than our times for the 500m hard sections. And believe me, we were trying to swim fast – bragging rights were on the line! So never give up, you may just have the current at your back and not even know it!

I will be on vacation for the swim, but I encourage everyone to sign up and be a part of this event. They’ll be lots of kayaks and SUPs keeping watch and hopefully you’ll enjoy the same ideal conditions that my friends and I had.

There’s nothing better than being in the middle of the river.

Coach Fraser

Coach’s note – this was not the Trail Swim. The plans for the Trial Swim are still being made by people outside of our swim club. If I hear of any news regarding the Trial Swim I will post it to our web site.

OSM Indoor Registration

Registration is now open for indoor Masters. If you won’t be returning, please let me know…keep swimming wherever that might be!

*Returning indoor members are given first priority until Friday Aug 23, 2019 provided, they choose the same practice days/time as last season (should a different practice day/time be required, you will be put on a waiting list and contacted upon approval). After this date, new members are will be contacted and invited to complete all fields including payment We will contact you if needed to confirm your spot.

*Suggested: We would love your participation (swim or volunteer) in at least one Ottawa Swim Masters (not Age Group) event during the season (e.g., Sat Nov 16, 2019 Masters meet, Feb Winterlude Sportsplex meet etc.)!

Session dates: Sept 23, 2019 through to end of May, 2020. JCC is closed for holidays tentatively Sept/Oct and will work around the schedule.  Please refer to the listed dates on Eventbrite. *We will send an updated practice calendar each month.

Click here to register before the Aug 23 deadline

You can register and pay through Eventbrite (search OSM – link above). We must receive payment by the deadline to secure your spot.

Hope to see you indoor poolside,
Marie and coaches
Ottawa Swim Masters

What swimming taught me about happiness

I’ve been thinking lately that there’s a lesson here that goes beyond the pool. We all wanted to swim faster and the more hysterically we tried, the more speed escaped us. The same goes for happiness. Everyone wants to be happy, yet the more directly we pursue happiness, the more elusive it becomes.

Read the full article.

Fall Registration link to come out mid July

OSM is truly a team – and our philosophy is not only to individually achieve success in the pool, but to participate in local events as a team, as it will give you a reason to train and promote local charities at the same time (so you are swimming for a greater cause).

In the past, fall registration was prioritized to those who fulfilled their event participation. This year we highly encourage you to sign up for the open water swims (your team mates will be there) – and as well reserve Saturday November 16th for the Willy Lee Meet to either swim or help out (donations, prize table, baking etc).

The registration link for the fall session will be emailed in the next week or so (please do not copy it to others) to those who were indoor members last year; open registration will begin August 1st. If you are a new summer swimmer, please us know if you are keen to swim in the fall!

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