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Learn the tips from three generations of swim coaches on how to swim easier and swim faster!

Our philosophy is simple yet pragmatic. With three family generations involved at the elite level in the sport of swimming both as participants and as trainers, we understand that each person is different in the way they move through the water. However, we do believe in the basic physics that are optimal in order to swim faster by learning to swim easier. Balance, timing, and core rotation are trademark terms when it comes to swimming efficiently. The challenge is to break it down into understandable components that can be tailored to our students.

For example, in long axis strokes like front crawl and backstroke you need to swim with your hips up. But how can you achieve this? We start with your head and core balance by practicing easy drills to perfect body positioning. We then introduce the kick that allows your lower torso to provide propulsion to even out the teeter-totter balancing act. Finally, we reveal breathing techniques that allow you to rotate from your core. After reviewing your current stroke we can quickly see the inefficiencies in your stroke technique and you get to work on fixing the be able to swim easier and faster. We hope you join our extended family and CU poolside!

Our Bio's—the short version according to Tom and Marie:

“Started competitive swimming at 8 years old, both our fathers coached us, we serendipitously met at the same varsity swim team in university, found out that we once swam on the same kids club at the same time, raised four kids who loved water (go figure), started an age group competitive club for our kids since which over 200 kids have joined, coordinated a Masters group that has doubled in size in a year, to now where our eldest son is the third generation of Anzai swim coaches.” Sounds like your typical circle of aquatic life, huh?!

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Marie Anzai

Marie began her swimming career at the age of eight with the Ottawa Kingfish Swim Club under the guidance of her father who was assistant coach for the West End junior team. She competed at the Junior Nationals in synchro and placed in the top ten. Marie was team captain with the Carleton University varsity swim team and chosen to be the Athletic Representative for the university in her final year. She is a medallist in recent Canadian Masters Swimming Championships as well as representing Canada at the World Masters Lifesaving Championships in Australia. Marie is an accomplished Level 3 certified swim coach. She is also a certified Canadian Natural Nutritionist that champions healthy eating for a healthy lifestyle.

Currently, Marie coaches the Swim Ottawa Masters who swim at the Soloway JCC pool (indoors Fall-Winter, outdoors July-August) and is the former head coach of Swim Ottawa. She conducts personalized swim stroke improvement sessions for all abilities. If you get the chance, watch her front crawl as it's smooth!

Tom Anzai

Tom started his swimming career at the age of eight along with his older brother and sister under the tutelage of his father who was assistant coach of the Peterborough Y Swim Club located in central Ontario. He continued on as team captain of the Ottawa Kingfish Swim Club where he was a finalist in the Junior Nationals in the 100 metre butterfly before joining the University of Waterloo Warriors varsity swim team in his freshman year. After transferring to his hometown, Ottawa, and Carleton University, Tom initiated, coached, and managed the co-ed varsity swim team that placed in the top 10 at the CIAU University nationals. He has held provincial Masters swim records as well as a top-three finish at the local Graham Beasley sprint triathlon.

Tragically, Tom passed away after a sudden accident in December of 2017. The entire swimming community in Ottawa and beyond can now celebrate and honour his memory by swimming, swimming and swimming.

The Rest of the Swimzai's

Tom and Marie's four kids (Trevor, Kenton, Emily, and Andrea) have been National and Regional Championship age group qualifiers and who are or have been members of Swim Ottawa age group, a club that Tom initiated in 2000. All four kids are certified coaches with the club. Unfortunately, “Grandpa” Anzai has passed away but is probably counting his strokes...high above us.




Assisting Marie and family are other qualified and experienced coaches and trainers who have the knack of building a positive rapport with student swimmers. Based on availability, these resource personnel will be deployed for stroke clinics and special events on an as-needed basis.

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